Positive Behavior Support

I just found a blogger on my professional twitter page that brings a lot of interesting things about classroom and individual management in school:


Although there are many resources on PBS, including Cooper’s textbook, this post offers a quick recap of basic guidelines when creating PBS rules. For example, keep your rules clear, attainable, follow through at all times, reinforce on expected basis.

Positive behavior support is one of the greatest tools in behavior management and it is proven to work – not only in special education but in any academic or professional setting. And with the animals, of course.

I wish some of our colleagues would understand the fundamental difference between PBS and negative reinforcement or positive punishment. If a teacher is removing stars for bad behavior instead of giving stars for good behavior, that is a wrong way to go. If a teacher is giving negative points for bad behavior instead of giving positive points for good behavior, that is even worse. That is what we call, positive punishment and this technique has nothing to do with PBS. And just to be clear, there are studies that compared these techniques. PBS is always more effective. Conclusion: Reward good behavior.


3 thoughts on “Positive Behavior Support

  1. specialedrowannn March 22, 2018 / 10:03 am

    Another good blog topic. This could be a good topic for your research paper.


    • Katarina Radi April 1, 2018 / 11:10 am

      THank you! Yes, this is a great topic I could use in my upcoming assignment. Although I made my mind on the subject, I am still considering some last minute ideas.


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