Human Exceptionality – an academic term

I have been researching the term and I discovered that it is used mostly in academic circles. I would like to react to a dissertation comparative study on this topic. The author  focuses on the use of service-learning in special education with emphasis on human exceptionality issues. A major goal of this investigation was to develop a set of guidelines that could be used by instructors to incorporate a service-learning component into a human exceptionality. The study confirms what we know already from previous authors that practitioners should strive to find a balance between the needs of the community agency to direct the service and student opportunities for responsibility and leadership. When appropriate, students should be involved in the negotiations and planning of service projects because it reinforces the idea that the service process is a partnership. (Clinton, 2001)

THis is a special interest of mine, because I use Community Based Instruction to incorporate everything we learn in class into applicable and relevant experiences.


Mayhew, John Clinton Jr., “Pedagogical effects of service-learning in a human exceptionality course: A comparison of two approaches”
(2001). Dissertation and Thesis. Paper 35.


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