Behavior Specific Praise – overrated?

Although previous research on the differential effect of behavior specific praise (BSP) and general praise (GP) demonstrates inconclusive data, there is a widely held belief that BSP is more effective in academic and applied settings. For us, special education teachers, this is a particularly important topic. The majority of research with results supporting effectiveness of BSP have studied behaviors of teachers and caregivers, not the direct effect on receivers of the praise (Hawkins & Heflin, 2016). However, many authors who studied effect of BSP on learners indicate BSP is not an effective intervention for all learners. I just got approved by the IRB at Rider University to conduct an alternating design study across participants to investigate and compare effectiveness of BSP and GP on teenagers with developmental disabilities while learning new academic skill. So, here is a question that buggs us all: BSP – overrated or effective? We shall compare and  see…


3 thoughts on “Behavior Specific Praise – overrated?

  1. specialedrowannn March 17, 2018 / 11:05 am

    Been reading your blogs. You have talked about some good resources. Wondering what your connection is with Rider. BSP may be good topic for your paper in this course.


    • Katarina Radi March 17, 2018 / 1:19 pm

      Thank you! Yes, I have been getting ready for this comparative study for RIder so I have been reading a lot of peer reviewed published articles on the topic. It is a thesis for my Rider’s masters program which is my primary focus of study. With Rowan – a few days ago – I did not think I had to take additional 4 classes within next few weeks. And yes, I am preparing materials on this topic for my Major Assignment 2, Thank you.


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