Appropriate Assessments to prepare best IEP goals.

Some special ed teachers have an issue in creating measurable achievable, realistic, and specific goals and objectives. It is always a challenge to create goals that would be functionally appropriate. How can we do that? There are many assessments available to determine present levels, splinter skills, and barriers. I have an experience working with students whose disabilities truly re-define how much of the standard curriculum is appropriate. We have to pose some hard questions like is it functional for an 17-old student to count cents and quarters if he cannot count up to 10? How will he understand the relationship between a dollar and four coins that suppose to make up 100 cents? Is it more functional to concentrate on whole dollars and on making sure that the student remembers to pick up his bag with the purchase?

Some of the good assessments we use and are truly a great base for realistic IEP goals are Brigance, VB MAPP, etc.  THere should not be a goal written without a solid base in an assessment.




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